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If you are a regular user GINA notification services, or been passing by the Minnow-Power Discord server in the past half a day, you know that GINA is currently offline.

This is a quick post to let you know what's happening and to ask your help.

What's happened?

Yesterday afternoon (utc) when I woke up, I took a quick peek on the logs to see if everything was okay. I have noticed that there are many red logs on my monitor. Which doesn't mean good.
Almost no notifications were sent out since a few hours already by than. I have tried to restart the service which usually solves any kind of complicated issue :) No help this time, unfortunately. I have also needed to go to work so no time for further investigation. I eventually decided to shut GINA down as it wasn't working properly.
Later, when I got home from work, I started looking for the cause. At first I thought it's some bug in the code, I'm a coder since 1.5 years only, so I have to check everything twice... I've spent the night with trying to find it and fix the issue but no success.

It's morning now and thanks to some help, it's turned out that the problem is not with the code but rather with my server provider. GINA needs around 50GB/day internet bandwidth but it wasn't available as before. At first I was surprised but thanks to a friend now I know that the provider doesn't support crypto projects so they might will actually ban me if I keep using the server. That I have paid for a year doesn't seem to hold them back since I have violated their TOS. Silly mistake which I will not commit again.

How can you help?

I'm asking your help to cover the cost of setting up a new server somewhere and all I need is an upvote. Please, if you can afford, press the button below and set your scale to 100%!
I will let you know when any news are available and answer all your questions in the comments or on the Discord server but I need to sleep first, it was a long night and I'm tired.

I do appreciate your help, no matter how small or big it is, Thank you!