My Laptop Is Trying To Murder Me

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It is physically hurting me to type right now.

This is going to sound crazy, but the computer is literally electrocuting me with each press of the key.

A.k.a. I'm one motivated mother trucker.

Posting while the laptop is attempting to murder me.

Now that's what TRUE motivation looks like.

It started 2 days ago.

The electric shocking while I was typing.

It started out in my left hand.

Creeped up my arm.

Then spread throughout my body until I got headaches.

I got dizzy.

I thought the outlet was the culprit.

But then, I got shocked multiple times without the laptop even being plugged in.

I don't know if it's the outlet.

Or my computer.

I'm bad with computers.

I may never know.

Wish me luck.

I may be mia for awhile, depending on how this turns out.

Sorry for not commenting or discording as much recently.

I took a break from electronics today.

And the electricity somehow stayed stuck in my body.

Is that even possible?

I blame the laptop trying to kill me.