SteemitBoard Ranking update - Steem Power, Followers and Following added

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New key indicators have been added to the SteemitBoard Ranking

Few days ago, @steemitboard introduced its new ranking tool which enable you to compare yourself to your fellow Stemians.

Here are the new features in this release:

Steem Power is displayed instead VESTS

Many users were confused by the VESTS value displayed on the ranking.

The VESTS is the exact number of shares of the platform you own.
Steem Power is a representation of your VESTS, but relative to the total number of STEEM issued by the blockchain.

Users are more used to Steem Power because it is the value that they see in their wallet.

Therefore, we have replaced the column VESTS with Steem Power. However, for accuracy, the sorting is still done on the base of the VESTS.

Follower and Following

We added two new columns in the ranking

  • Followers: displays how many users are following an account
  • Following: displays how many accounts a user follow.

Of course, these new columns are sortable like any other.

Note: These values are not updated in real time. They are recalculated approximately every hour, so it might slightly differ from the value displayed on your Steem client (,, partiko, eSteem, …)

How to access your SteemitBoard Ranking

In the top right corner of your board on SteemitBoard’s website, you will find a hamburger menu. Click on it to open it then select "Ranking"

When you access the SteemitBoard Ranking via your own board, your account will be automatically searched for and the page with your name will be displayed directly.

You can also go to

Future roadmap

Here are the features we will add in the next releases:

  • display who is powering down
  • display account UA
  • Split payouts to author and curator

SteemitBoard need your help!

@steemitboard is slowly recovering from the HF20 thanks to your support.

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A special shout out to @ana-maria who is campaining to support SteemitBoard and published an amazing post where she perfectly describes the underlying phylosophy of our team and project. Thank you so much!

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